Our team and history​

Our team and history

DCC & Shell Aviation has about 100 employees in Denmark and plays a key role behind the scenes whenever a domestic aircraft, a rescue helicopter or a private plane takes off.

At our headquarters in Nærum, we are a team of eight employees. From here, we handle the day-to-day management of the business and cultivate our international Shell relations. We also handle new agreements and deal with much of the ongoing dialogue with customers. Moreover, we are trusted advisers to and act as a sounding board for players in the Danish aviation industry with respect to procurement, planning, infrastructure, certification and compliance.

Contact information
Telephone (Monday – Friday from 8am to 4pm)
+ 45 33 37 25 20

Mød vores centrale team i Nærum

At DCC & Shell Aviation Denmark we are experts in performing Fuels Audits and Inspections for our customers. Our audits and inspections are always carried out in compliance with global and local regulation from e.g. JIG, Energy Institute and BL3-6. Through our joint venture with Shell Aviation we also xxxx et eller andet, der trækker denne competencebase ind og giver tyngde…(måske) 

The story of DCC & Shell Aviation

DCC & Shell Aviation is, as the name suggests, a joint venture between DCC Energi and Shell’s global aviation business. The company derives from Dansk Shell, which sold its Danish aviation business in 2016 to the energy company DCC Energi, which had already acquired large parts of Shell’s commercial business in Denmark.

After a few years, in 2019, Shell chose to return to Danish airspace in a new joint venture with DCC Energi under the joint name of DCC & Shell Aviation.

Today, DCC & Shell Aviation is the largest distributor of aviation fuel in Denmark. We are also one of the players with the greatest experience and insight into fuel, planning and establishment of facilities and other infrastructure as well as inspections related to safety, environment and compliance.

Through our close collaboration with Shell’s global aviation business, DCC & Shell Aviation is a natural part of a global network of 850 airports in 32 countries.

Historien om DCC & Shell Aviation

DCC & Shell Aviation er, som navnet antyder, et joint venture mellem af DCC Energi og Shells globale aviation-forretning. Selskabet udspringer af Dansk Shell, der i 2016 solgte sin danske forretning inden for luftfart til energiselskabet DCC Energi, som i forvejen havde overtaget store dele af Shells erhvervsforretning i Danmark.

Efter et par år valgte Shell i 2019 at vende tilbage til det danske luftrum i et nyt joint venture med DCC Energi under det fælles navn, DCC & Shell Aviation.

I dag er DCC & Shell Aviation den største distributør af flybrændstof herhjemme. Vi er også en af de aktører, som har størst erfaring og indsigt i brændstof, planlægning og etablering af anlæg og anden infrastruktur samt inspektioner i forhold til sikkerhed, miljø og compliance.

Gennem vores tætte samarbejde med Shells globale aviation-forretning er DCC & Shell Aviation en naturlig del af et globalt netværk bestående af 850 lufthavne i 32 lande.

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