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DCC & Shell Aviation has about 100 employees. Most of them work on site and in close cooperation with our partners at the Danish airports, aircraft operators and private aircraft owners. Therefore, in Denmark, we often play a key role, usually slightly withdrawn and behind the scenes, whenever a domestic aircraft, a rescue helicopter or a privately owned plane takes off.

Below is a selection of the news and stories we are sharing on an ongoing basis. It will provide you with information on some of DCC & Shell Aviation’s partnerships.

Latest News​

Green Power Denmark

DCC & Shell Aviation is a PtX partner of Green Power Denmark. Denmark is on track to becoming a PtX pioneer country, and we…

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Bornholm Airport

DCC & Shell Aviation Denmark is today responsible for the total supply of aviation fuel to aircraft and helicopters at Bornholm Airport. In cooperation with…

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Alsie Express: First domestic route in Denmark flies on SAF

Since May 2021, all planes on the route between Sonderborg and Copenhagen have used SAF, a more sustainable aviation fuel. Alsie Express is the first domestic route to use SAF, which is made from organic waste from, for example, the food industry, thus reducing CO2 emissions from aviation fuel.

The Denmark premiere at Sonderborg Airport is the first step towards a future in which domestic flights will gradually reduce their climate footprint. Alsie Express expects a reduced carbon footprint from the new sustainable jet fuel corresponding to about 4% of the annual emissions from flights on the route between Sonderborg and Copenhagen.

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