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i6 to provide digital sustainability backbone for Denmark’s largest aviation fuel supplier


DCC & Shell Aviation Denmark*, a joint venture between Shell Aviation and DCC Energi, has signed an agreement with the leading fuel management tech firm i6 Group.

Starting with a deployment at Copenhagen Airport, the largest independent supplier of aviation fuel in Denmark will benefit from Fusion6, an into-plane management platform for more efficient refuelling operations, and Reconcile6, a fuel inventory management platform to help DDC & Shell Aviation Denmark better track and manage the fuel supply chain.

“This is an important partnership for us providing new digital tools to leverage and strengthen our ability to manage fuel and refuel aircraft. We look forward to seeing the technology maximise our operational efficiencies and, among other things, support the growing demand for SAF we see in the market. In that sense, i6’s strong digital backbone and the data insights it provides will also assist airlines to meet their climate ambitions.” – Sune Petersen, Head of Sustainability and Strategy at DCC & Shell Aviation Denmark.

Alongside Denmark, i6 recently announced new partnerships in the Nordic region, including major Swedish airports and numerous Norwegian airports. This means that airlines in the region could benefit from increased data availability through i6’s data portal, Perspective6, and multi-site e-fuelling efficiencies through eHandshake®.

Airlines such as SAS, Norwegian and FlyNorse could automate and digitalise fueling processes, saving time and providing visibility into global fueling operations. Major US carrier, Jetblue, recently realised these benefits and was able to streamline its fuelling operations with accurate, real-time data.

Alongside increased visibility for airlines, i6 technology minimises over-fuelling and ensures that only the optimal amount of fuel is uplifted to the aircraft, reducing unnecessary emissions due to extra weight. This is essential as the European Commission recently announced new rules as part of the ‘Fit for 55′ legislative package, which requires aircraft operators to refuel only with the necessary fuel for the flight.

“We’re proud to partner with Shell DCC, Denmark’s largest aviation fuel supplier. Our innovative platforms will transform fuel management across the region, providing real-time data and operational efficiencies for airlines.”

  • Steve Uhrmacher, CEO at i6 Group


* The views expressed in this release or statement are made by DCC & Shell Aviation Denmark and are not made on behalf of, nor do they necessarily reflect the views of, any company in the Shell Group of Companies.

About DCC & Shell Aviation Denmark

DCC & Shell Aviation Denmark is a joint venture between DCC Holding Denmark and Shell’s global aviation fuel business. Responsible for the logistics and supply of Shell jet fuel to seven Danish airports, the company is the largest independent jet fuel supplier and adviser to Danish aviation.

Read more at https://shellaviation.dk

About i6 Group

i6 Group is the world’s fastest-growing fuel management technology provider for airlines, fuel service providers, and suppliers. Innovative technology digitises the entire airport fuel supply chain, driving operational efficiency, transparency and sustainability. i6 technology is in use at more than 150 airports and has optimised over 30 million tonnes of fuel globally, helping to reduce costs and carbon emissions.

Learn more at https://i6.io/


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