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At DCC & Shell Aviation Denmark, we specialize in aviation fuel and everything concerned with the handling of aviation fuel. Our expertise, knowledge and consulting in aviation fuel management cover all requirements – from designing and planning fuel infrastructure or equipment at airports to ensuring operational compliance with the global JIG standard and local BL3-6 regulations in Denmark.

Below, you can learn more about our expertise and the solutions which provide our customers operational and commercial advantages when it comes to planning, certifying, storing and supplying all types of aviation fuel.

Technical Consultancy

With a firm local foothold and strong global insights, DCC & Shell Aviation Denmark provides stakeholders in Danish aviation industry with technical advice, project planning and regulatory compliance. As we did when we prepared the tender material for refuellers and fuel facilities at Greenland’s new airports – conducting analyses of traffic needs and formulating requirements for safety, environmental considerations, and operations in an Arctic climate.

As a trusted business partner, we hold many years of experience in the operations and certifications of helicopter facilities, both offshore and onshore. This includes operations on the North Sea drilling platforms, where we ensure the fuel infrastructure for the Danish helicopter rescue services.

Our experts are always ready to provide guidance on technical infrastructure and equipment requirements to ensure regulatory compliance in various contexts, such as tenders, procurement, and development projects.

Audits & Inspections

At DCC & Shell Aviation Denmark, we are seasoned expert with extensive experience in conducting fuel audits and inspections for all types of clients in the Danish aviation industry. Our assessments are invariably carried out in compliance with both global and local regulations, such as JIG, BL3-6, and the Energy Institute.

Through our close collaboration with Shell’s global aviation business, DCC & Shell Aviation Denmark is an integral part of a global network encompassing 850 airports across 32 countries.

Operational Manuals

Drawing upon our extensive operational experience, DCC & Shell Aviation assists clients with continuous development and optimisation of operations and operational manuals. Our consulting and deep insights into the operations of fuel supply to airports and aircraft ensure operational reliability, training of key staff, and comprehensive documentation and compliance adherence to personnel, infrastructure, and equipment.

QHSSE Management & Reporting

As a supplier and technical advisor, we possess extensive experience in handling all aspects of safety in relation to fuel infrastructure, logistics and handling. Our comprehensive QHSSE manuals and reports constitute an important tool in aviation’s efforts for the safety of personnel, partners, and processes. Always in complete agreement with applicable international and national safety standards and legal requirements.

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