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DCC & Shell Aviation

DCC & Shell Aviation Denmark is the largest distributor of aviation fuel in Denmark. We are also one of the players with the most experience and insight into fuel, planning and the establishment of facilities and other infrastructure, as well as safety, environment, and compliance inspections. Our JIG certification makes us a trusted adviser and partner to Danish airports.

Every day, we provide a stable supply of aviation fuel to the airports – from Denmark’s largest airport in Copenhagen to Aalborg in the north and Bornholm in the east. We service global airlines and private aircrafts and are responsible for providing fuel to offshore helicopters in the North Sea and the country’s rescue helicopters.

DCC & Shell Aviation Denmark plays an active part in the transition to more sustainable Danish aviation. We do this through our role as a supplier of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) and via partnerships on Power-to-X and production of the green aviation fuel of the future, eJet Fuel.

Fuel Management

Much more than a fuel supplier – experts in fuel, infrastructure and compliance.

Sustainable Aviation

Decarbonising the aviation industry is necessary. Today, we supply SAF and are actively engaged in advancing the future of eJet Fuel.

Fuels & Services

We fulfil the fuel demands of the aviation industry and offer a straightforward payment solution.

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