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Billund Airport introduce jet fuel made from bio-waste


The second Danish airport, Billund Airport, can now offer Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) as a new fuel option for the numerous airlines and operators using the country’s second-largest airport.

With this initiative, driven by DCC & Shell Aviation Denmark and Neste, the world’s leading SAF supplier, Danish aviation takes yet another step to bolster the proliferation of more sustainable aviation fuels. The abbreviation SAF stands for Sustainable Aviation Fuel, encompassing aviation fuel made from waste biomass, such as used cooking oil.

Billund Airport has actively engaged in the green transition with local initiatives within the airport. However, Jan Hessellund, CEO of Billund Airport is aware that significant steps must be taken in collaboration with the airlines. Billund Airport are pleased that airlines now have access to SAF.

“Several technologies are underway to decarbonise the aviation industry, and we shouldn’t dismiss any of them because there’s a need for large-scale adoption and multiple technologies. The introduction of SAF at Billund Airport is crucial, demonstrating the growing demand from airlines. We’re proud to be part of meeting this demand,” he asserts.

Growing interest in Sustainable Aviation Fuel

DCC & Shell Aviation Denmark is responsible for supplying SAF to Billund Airport. SAF can be used in aircraft alongside conventional aviation fuel and is recognized as the key to meeting the industry’s short-term reduction targets. DCC & Shell Aviation Denmark already handle the supply of SAF to Sønderborg Airport, where Alsie Express began using SAF for flights in 2021.

“The initiative at Billund Airport reflects the growing interest in SAF we are seeing from Danish airports and airlines. For us as a company, this is yet another positive and important step towards increasing the availability of more sustainable fuels at Danish airports,” says Ulrik V. Brendstrup, CEO of DCC & Shell Aviation Denmark.

“Right now, biobased SAF is playing a role in the transition from fossil jet fuel. But in line with other stakeholders in aviation, we see biobased SAF as an intermedium step toward a future where we’ll fly using green fuel made entirely from renewable energy,” he adds.


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