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Shell Aviation & DCC joint venture joins Sustainable Aviation Fuel Book and Claim platform Avelia


Avelia, Shell Aviation’s blockchain-powered Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) Book and Claim solution is expanding to Denmark with DCC & Shell Aviation Denmark.

Customers of DCC & Shell Aviation Denmark, the largest distributor of aviation fuel in Denmark, keen to reduce emissions from business travel or air freight transport will be able to claim the environmental benefits of SAF in the form of emissions reduction. Made possible by a book and claim chain of custody model, the allocation of the environmental attributes and the delivery of SAF are securely recorded and tracked using blockchain, a tamper-proof digital database.

Combining the regional expertise and customer bases of DCC & Shell Aviation Denmark with the benefits of a global SAF solution like Avelia has the potential to make SAF more accessible to a broader range of businesses.

Sune Petersen, Head of Sustainability and Strategy at DCC & Shell Aviation Denmark, said: “This move represents an important development for us as a business. Denmark is a global leader on sustainability, with around 70% of the country’s largest businesses setting Science-Based decarbonisation targets.[1] Through Avelia, we can now better support our customers who are looking to take action on the emissions from their air travel.” SAF will be physically delivered into the Danish refueling network, and customers will be allocated the environmental attributes through the Avelia platform, regardless of whether the SAF is available at the airport they are flying from.

“By allowing third-party companies like the DCC & Shell Aviation Denmark joint venture to offer Avelia’s services under a licensing agreement, our aim is to create a network effect that could help to rapidly accelerate SAF adoption across the aviation sector,” added Ashleigh McDougall, General Manager Europe & Africa, Shell Aviation. “This first license agreement is an exciting moment for Avelia, marking its evolution from a closed platform to an industry solution.”

Since launch Shell Aviation has injected over 10 million[2] gallons of SAF into the existing global fuel network around the world, abating over 90,000 tCO2e, the equivalent of around 160,000 passengers flying from London to New York.[3]



As a safe and fully certified drop-in fuel compatible with existing aircraft fleet and airport infrastructure, SAF can be blended with conventional jet fuel at a ratio of up to 50%, creating an aviation fuel that is significantly lower in lifecycle carbon emissions. In its neat form, SAF can reduce lifecycle emissions by up to 80% compared to conventional jet fuel.


About DCC & Shell Aviation Denmark:
DCC & Shell Aviation Denmark is a joint venture between DCC Holding Denmark and Shell’s global aviation fuel business. The company manages all logistics and supplies of Shell aviation fuel to nine Danish airports, serving as the largest independent fuel supplier and advisor to aviation in Denmark. Learn more at www.shellaviation.dk.


[1] https://ens.dk/sites/ens.dk/files/EnergiKlimapolitik/final_denmarks_global_climate_impact_-_global_report_2023.pdf

[2] As of May 2024

[3] Actual carbon reduction estimate for SAF will vary depending on production pathway; an 80% reduction is the upper limit of what is commercially available today; IATA, Developing Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF)


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