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At DCC & Shell Aviation Denmark, most of our committed team works on-site and, on the field, closely collaborating with our partners at Danish airports, aircraft operators, and private aircraft owners. We frequently assume a crucial but often understated role in Denmark whenever a domestic aircraft, rescue helicopter, or private jet takes off.

Discover our selection of regularly shared news and stories below and delve into DCC & Shell Aviation’s partnerships.

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Bornholm Airport

DCC & Shell Aviation Denmark is today responsible for the total supply of aviation fuel to aircraft and helicopters at Bornholm Airport. In cooperation with…

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Alsie Express: First domestic route in Denmark flies on SAF

Since May 2021, all planes on the route between Soenderborg and Copenhagen route have been powered by SAF, a more sustainable aviation fuel. Alsie Express is the first domestic route to use SAF made from waste cooking oil, among other things.

Watch the video for more insight into the partnership.

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