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DCC & Shell Aviation to buy eJet Fuel from Arcadia


DCC & Shell Aviation has entered into an advance agreement with Arcadia to buy the total amount of eJet Fuel produced at Arcadia’s first eFuel facility in Vordingborg, Denmark. The collaboration thus supports Denmark’s target of net-zero emissions from domestic flights by 2030.

Arcadia eFuel uses sustainable electricity, water, and carbon dioxide to produce zero-emission fuel, which can be used in existing engines and be directly included in the existing infrastructure of Danish airports. According to the plan, the first eFuel facility in Vordingborg will produce 55,000 MT of eJet Fuel and 25,000 MT of eNaphtha, approximately 100 million litres, per year. The facility is planned to initiate commercial production at the end of 2024.

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